Other ways to join in

Volunteers help children with literacy activities in Knole Park, Kent

At Knole, our volunteers make a real difference. Volunteering is a great way to make new friends, work in an amazing place and know that you’re helping a good cause. You can donate your time, expertise and enthusiasm, while developing new skills and interests.

We have a fantastic team of volunteers who make sure that all our visitors have an extra special experience when they visit Knole. However, we desperately need more volunteers if we want to maintain our high standard of visitor enjoyment, our variety of events, the quality of our learning activities and our engaging showroom tours.

We are currently recruiting for various roles, including showroom guides, premises maintenance, administration, visitor welcome and more. There are many ways to volunteer, so it’s likely we’ll have something to suit you.

Here are some other ways that you can join in. We'd love to hear from you!

School holidays

During the school holidays we offer a variety of activities for children outside of our advertised events. We take activities out of Knole and into the Sevenoaks area and sometimes we welcome groups of children to explore the deer park. Could you help lead these activities or show us how to bring them to more people?

Short one-off projects

Can you help us with one of our short-term, one-off projects? We need volunteers to help us arrange for underprivileged children to visit Knole. And we're looking for helpers to lead summer activities, too.

Help schools to visit

Every year there are one or two schools that book a visit to Knole but have to cancel because of the cost of the coach. A local company has offered to sponsor one such school a year to pay for its coach. Do you have the legal knowledge to help us draw up a simple sponsorship agreement with them?

For more information, email our volunteering team, or call us on 01732 467162.