Our work at Knole

Conservation work at Knole

We're carrying out the biggest building project Knole has experienced in the last 400 years. Our long-term plans to ensure Knole's future and to improve the experience for all our visitors depends on this work.

Our plans

Our architects, Rodney Melville and Partners, have created an exciting set of plans that include converting a medieval tithe barn into an impressive, nationally significant conservation studio. Many pieces of furniture and paintings will travel from the showrooms into the studio for conservation work, where our visitors will be able to see conservation in action.  

Our repairs

We've repaired the window frames, stonework, render, roof timbers and tiles on the south front of Knole, following similar work completed on the east front in 2012.  

The reason

Damp, seeping in through cracked walls and leaking roofs, is a huge problem at Knole as it damages our collections of paintings and textiles. Over two years our repair project made the house more weatherproof.


Before the work started, Knole was letting in wind, water and dirt.
Repairs at Knole

What’s next?

The wonderful collections at Knole need urgent conservation, but first we must provide more stable environmental conditions in the showrooms by installing new insulation and gentle heating systems. New lighting will be installed next year, so it will be much easier to view our stunning collections.  

Conservation work

While the repairs continue, and dust levels are higher, our conservation team monitor and clean the objects in Knole's collections.  

Watch our video of the conservation team's work at Knole: