Rooms designed to impress at Knole

The Great Stairs at Knole

Knole's showrooms were designed to impress visitors and to display the Sackville family’s wealth and status since the early 17th century.

365 rooms?

There's a popular myth that Knole is a calendar house, with 365 rooms, 52 staircases, 12 entrances and 7 courtyards. While fascinating, the reality is that it all depends on how you count the rooms.

Brown Gallery

The Brown Gallery's part of Archbishop Bourchier's original mid-15th century building, and remodelled by the 1st Earl of Dorset in the early 17th century. Long galleries like this were not only communicating corridors but also for gentle exercise in bad weather.


This room's structure dates from about 1467, when it was the Solar or chief living room of Archbishop Bourchier and his attendants. They would have retired to this Great Chamber, after eating at the high table in the Great Hall.

Reynolds Room

You reach the Reynolds Room after the Ballroom, and Second Painted Staircase. It's named after Sir Joshua Reynolds, a close friend of the 3rd Duke, and contains some of his finest portraits.

The King's Room

Your route to the most marvellous room in the house, with its magnificent royal state bed and rare silver furniture, takes you along the Cartoon Gallery, the longest of Knole's three galleries.