Knole 4.5-mile deer park walk

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Experience the history and wildlife of Kent’s only remaining deer park, which has remained substantially unchanged since medieval times. This walk has been produced with the permission of Lord Sackville.

Young deer test out their antlers


Map route for Knole 4.5-mile deer park walk


Front of Knole house, grid ref: TQ542539


From the front gate of the house, facing out, turn left onto the drive. Follow it round and leave it by the second footpath on the left, which is narrow with a wooden rail set into the ground on each side. Continue to a steeply sloping metalled path, passing a brick-domed ice-house on the left. Please take care when encountering the deer who graze freely in the park. Although they might appear tame, please don't feed them.

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At the bottom of the slope turn left and walk along the floor of the big valley. Just after you pass the second path on the right, take the path up a small valley to the left. You can recognise this path by the cedar tree, which is on the far corner of the junction of the two valleys.

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Continue up this little side-valley until you reach the top of the slope. Carry straight on, skirting a small wood on your right, and you will shortly arrive at a road. Look out for ant hills: the bumps on the bank of the western side of the Gallops are nests made by yellow meadow ants and are an indicator of ground that has not been ploughed.


Turn right onto this road, which is long and straight, and then almost immediately left and downhill onto another, smaller road. Follow it past woods, two branching roads on the right and views towards the golf course on the left.

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When you reach a road running across, turn right. Walk along this straight road for some time until the landscape opens up and there is a junction with a similar road which joins from the right. Look out for the Chestnut Walk, whose trees might have come from the 18th-century tree plantation you will see on the next stage.


Don’t enter the gate, but take the steep path down into the bottom of the valley and then follow the line of the valley. Look out for the 18th-century tree nursery. If you look closely, you will make out the grid planting pattern. At least some of the trees along Chestnut Walk, which you saw on point 5 of the walk, are likely to have come from here.


After a considerable time, you will pass a quarry on the right with several larch trees. Take the next path on the right, going up past a spreading oak tree and back to the front of the house.

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Front of Knole house, grid ref: TQ542539

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Knole 4.5-mile deer park walk


Approximately 4.5 miles (7.2km) along a mixture of grassland and metalled paths, easy going and rarely steep. The last part of the walk may be muddy after rain.

Dogs welcome on a lead.

Knole 4.5-mile deer park walk

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Telephone: 01732 462100



Knole 4.5-mile deer park walk

How to get here

Knole, Sevenoaks, Kent
By train

From Sevenoaks station, walk 1½ miles (2.4km) into town and reach the park via Webb’s Alley.

By road

M25 exit J5 onto A21. Park entrance in Sevenoaks town centre off A225 Tonbridge road, opposite St Nicholas’s church.

By foot

The Greensand Way passes near the front of the house. Alternatively, walk from Sevenoaks town centre along Webb’s Alley, following any of the pedestrian signposts marked ‘Knole Park’ on the high street.

By bus

From surrounding area to Sevonoaks bus station; ¾ mile (1.2km) walk following pedestrian signposts for Knole Park.

Knole 4.5-mile deer park walk

Facilities and access

  • Car park, restaurant, shop and toilets at Knole House (only when open)
  • Guided park walks available most days during the open season
  • Dogs welcome on a lead