Knole to Ightham walk

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The Greensand Way links Knole and Ightham Mote by way of One Tree Hill, famous for its sweeping views over the Weald of Kent. The 4-mile (6.5km) route it takes is almost straight, taking perhaps an hour or two to walk. The way can be muddy, so bring appropriate footwear. A certain level of fitness is required, but the walk is not strenuous.

A view of half-timbered cottages with gardens, at Ightham Mote, Kent


Map route for Knole to Ightham walk


Front of Knole house, grid ref: TQ542539


Go out of the front gate of Knole House and turn left. Follow the wall round the corner, and as far as the next corner. Continue ahead and slightly to the right, following where the footpath sign points, until you reach a metaled path, like a small road (this is Broad Walk). Cross over onto another small road, which soon dips gently down. This presently comes out in a T-junction on a long road. Cross over onto a grassy path and continue ahead to a kissing gate. Pass out of the park and cross the road.

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Take the path through the woods straight ahead and bending a little to the left. Soon you come to a field full of horse-riding equipment. Skirt it to the right and climb over the stile. Then turn right onto a track downhill, and immediately left again by a gate, back onto the Greensand Way. Follow this path until you come out onto a road by a large house called Shepherds’ Mead.


If you're happy with a slightly steeper walk over One Tree Hill, stay on the Greensand Way. Turn left up the road, and then right towards a National Trust signpost. Duck under the bar and walk through the woods, always following the Greensand Way and ignoring the many other paths. When you come to a viewpoint, take the path out to the left (away from the view) and then at each junction turn right until you reach some steps going very steeply down to a road. Turn right downhill. Soon afterwards, turn left. Alternatively, for a gentler route: from Shepherds' Mead, cross the road into the drive. Follow it as it turns into a path again and meanders along the edge of some woodland, with expansive views and a few houses to the south. When you come out on a road, turn left uphill, and then right back onto the Greensand Way.

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Now simply follow the path through woods and between fields. Few other paths branch off the Greensand Way at this point, so it is relatively easy to stick to the path. The sign for the Ightham Mote estate appears some time before you reach the house itself; when you reach a stony track, you still have almost half a mile to go.

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When you reach the Mote farm, follow the track past the buildings and onto a slightly bigger road. To reach the front of Ightham Mote itself, turn right and very soon left. Walk along the hedge at the back of the house, but do not enter by the little gate near the shop. Instead, carry on uphill and turn left into a car park. Follow the edge of the buildings round to the left until you reach the entrance.

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This section helps you to retrace your steps along the Greensand Way. If you have your own map, you may want to try an alternative. There are many possibilities. Go back along the hedge to the road, and right and left up past the farm. Follow the path, going straight ahead at both forks. For the gentler route, turn left and then right, where a stone marks the beginning of the path. Or for the steeper route, turn right, walk up One Tree Hill and then turn left, taking the steps at the base of the sweet chestnut tree (pictured) opposite Rooks Hill cottage.

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Cross the road or go back down it a short way to Shepherds’ Mead. Go into the drive and down the footpath to the right of the gate.


At the path which crosses in front of you, go to the right and then to the left over the stile. Keep left round the outside of the field and then go left into the woods. Cross the road and go through the kissing-gate back into Knole Park. Go straight ahead and then right at the second long road, and left back towards the house.


Front of Knole house, grid ref: TQ542539

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Knole to Ightham walk


Gentle and level on paths for the most part, with options for a steeper walk open to those who wish to have a more challenging walk. Dogs welcome on a lead.

Knole to Ightham walk

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Telephone: 01732 462100
Knole to Ightham walk

How to get here

Knole, Sevenoaks, Kent
By train

From Sevenoaks station, walk 1½ miles (2.4km) into town and reach the park via Webb’s Alley (see ‘by foot’)

By road

Take the M25 exit J5 onto the A21. The park entrance is in Sevenoaks town centre off the A225 Tonbridge road, opposite St Nicholas’s church.

By foot

The Greensand Way passes near the front of the house. Alternatively, walk from Sevenoaks town centre along Webb’s Alley, following any of the pedestrian signposts marked Knole Park on the high street.

By bus

From surrounding area to Sevenoaks bus station; ¾-mile (1.2km) walk following pedestrian signposts for Knole Park.

Knole to Ightham walk

Facilities and access

  • Car park, restaurant, shop and toilets at Knole House (only when open)
  • Guided park walks available most days during the open season.