Family days at Lacock

A young boy has poked his head through the cloister arches at Lacock Abbey in Wiltshire

Summer afternoons wandering the grounds, with lazy picnics in the botanic garden and little bare toes exploring the grass. Unpack your blankets and enjoy playful family days and nature spotting at Lacock Abbey this summer.

Join us in Lacock's beautiful Botanic Garden for a summer of fun family activities and watercolour painting. We'll be trying different activities every week in the summer holidays.

Crafts and colouring 

Each week, there will be a different theme and up to 3 different crafts to make. We will also have colouring sheets available every day, with a range of Lacock and Talbot based designs. 

Watercolour Wednesdays

In the spirit of the Talbot family, who lived at Lacock Abbey in the 1800s and were accomplished artists who created over 600 watercolours, we're inviting you to paint your own masterpieces.

Fun and games

There will be several outdoor games which will be dotted around the garden for little ones to play with. Games include Jenga, roller ball and quoits. 

A giant tree stump in the grounds of Lacock Abbey is perfect for climbing
Three children sitting on a treestump in the woodland of Lacock Abbey in Wiltshire
A giant tree stump in the grounds of Lacock Abbey is perfect for climbing

A Grand Tour family trail

Pack your suitcase, grab your passport and join us on an exciting summer adventure! Follow in the footsteps of William Henry Fox Talbot and his family as they travel around Europe’s glittering holiday destinations on Lacock’s very own grand tour family trail.

The Talbot family lived at Lacock Abbey in the 1800s. One of their great passions was travelling, and they spent many months abroad in Europe. 

Can you work out which countries they are visiting on their latest trip?

Running every day of the summer holiday from 10.30am – 5.30pm. 

Make a daisy chain at Lacock this summer
Daisy chains summer John Millar
Make a daisy chain at Lacock this summer