Summer days at Lacock

A family on the South Lawn at Lacock Abbey in Wiltshire

The sun is shining, the trees are green and there are 50 challenges to tick off your list of things to do before you're 11 3/4 - how many can you try at Lacock this summer?

How many 50 things challenges can you try?

Pick up a 50 things postcard at Lacock visitor reception to find out which of your 50 things you can do around the abbey grounds.

Will you blow a grass trumpet, search for fossils or catch a falling leaf in the woodlands?

On Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays until 25 August, the Lacock 50 things discovery den in the Botanic Garden is the perfect place to start your day's adventure. Each week we'll be trying new nature-themed arts and crafts, from leaf bashing to creating sun catchers and leaf snakes.

Even in the rain you can tick of some of your 50 things to do before you're 11 3/4
Child in wellies jumping in a puddle at Lacock Abbey, Wiltshire

Feeling arty?

On Thursdays and Fridays the Lacock 50 things discovery den becomes a watercolour workshop...

Add some colour to our Lacock line drawings, use a stencil to create a flowery pattern or draw your own masterpiece from scratch.

Lacock has a long history of watercolours; in the 1800s, the Talbot family lived in the abbey. They and their friends were talented artists who painted hundreds of watercolours, and over 600 of them are still at Lacock. You can find out more about their artwork on our summer family trail, Lacock's watercolour wander.

We're currently working to restore the fragile Lacock watercolours, if you'd like to support this project you can buy a raffle ticket onsite for just £1.

Rosamond Talbot painted this beautiful view of Lacock Abbey when she lived here with her family in the 1800s
Watercolour of Lacock Abbey, painted by Rosamond Talbot

Catching them all?

Pokémon trainers are welcome at Lacock; here are our top tips to help you be the very best, like no-one ever was:

  • Watch your feet as well as your screen - falling off the ha-ha is no laughing matter
  • Try not to step on the bulb(asaurs) - it may not look it, but there are bulbs and seeds growing in the long grass which is why pokémon prefer paths
  • Training is more fun in the sun - outside opening times, the abbey grounds need a rest (otherwise they get a bit Drowzee) so please keep your hunting between 10.30am and 5.30pm
  • Most importantly, have fun!
(Carefully) catching them all at Lacock Abbey
A man playing on his phone at Lacock Abbey in Wiltshire


All about the 50 things challenge

Find out how, why and where you can complete your 50 Things adventure. Take a look at the full list of 50 things and get inspired: