PEACE at Lacock Abbey

A series of art inspired by Lacock and the theme of peace

Heinrich and Palmer often create artworks that evolve in response to a place and the people and stories that move through them.  This is the starting point for a new art installation that they are developing for Lacock inspired by the theme of ‘Peace’ and developed in response to the unique setting and history of Lacock, specifically the Chaplains’ Room off the south west corner of the cloister.  This enigmatic square room with the eight arches peeling off a central pillar, will be the site of what will be a striking, reflective and immersive experience for visitors to Lacock Abbey.

The Artwork

The installation for Lacock will involve creating a raised silk floor made to fit the unique shape of the Chaplain’s Room and the central stone pillar.  The silk floor will be set over a discreet frame beneath which a series of fans will be placed causing the entire area to flow with undulating ripples.  Visitors will be able to enter the room into a viewing area that will allow for small groups of people to gather and immerse themselves in the experience of the floor flowing around them.

The room will be illuminated by a combination of the natural light pouring into the room during the day and LED lighting.  The artists will also be creating a soundscape for the space which they will develop from sounds recorded around Lacock.  The development of this will be informed by conversations with volunteers and visitors about the nature of ‘Peace’ generally, and more specifically to places around Lacock.

The Chaplain’s Room, Lacock Abbey
The Chaplain’s Room, Lacock Abbey
The Chaplain’s Room, Lacock Abbey

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06 Sep 18

Adding the finishing touches

Working to put the finishing touches to our installation, The Ripple Effect which includes a headphone soundscape, created for the enigmatic and unique 13th century Chaplains’ Room in the Cloisters.

Checking and adding the finishing touches to The Ripple Effect at Lacock Abbey

26 Aug 18

Observing the movement of the silk

The following day was just spent observing the movements of the silk and adjusting the fabric with weights around the edge to see the different effects. If the silk is held down too tightly it just kills the energy of the waves, so it was a fine balance to get it right.

Leon observing the movements of the silk after the installation of The Ripple Effect

25 Aug 18

Setting up The Ripple Effect

Last weekend Heinrich & Palmer began the set-up of The Ripple Effect, the installation they are creating for the Chaplain’s Room. The silk was made up to be oversized in length so that they could see the effect of the silk in the space and adjust it on site. Most of the fabric was pre-sewn except the area where the central stone pillar is. This had to be cut out and hand sewn around the pillar.

Testing the silk fabric in the Chaplains’ Room