Family fun this Easter at Lanhydrock

Family visiting Lanhydrock

Spend the day with your family at Lanhydrock. There's lots to keep children amused, with our annual Cadbury Easter egg hunt in the gardens and lots else to do in the house and outside too.

Burn off some energy at Lanhydrock

Make the most of the spring sunshine and come explore the vast estate and wonderful garden. You could sketch what you see, make some wild-art or bring a kite and fly it in the grounds - there's plenty of space to run around and trees to climb.

Wild things

The estate around Lanhydrock is teeming with wildlife for your intrepid explorers to discover. 
We leave some fallen trees and branches as habitat for creepy crawlies. Take a peek and see. If you take care, the old swimming pool is perfect for finding pond skaters and tadpoles.
Stop, listen and look - you'll hear birdsong and see all sorts of wildlife if you're quiet.

50 things

We've made a list of 50 fun things you can do outdoors that we think everyone should try before they're 11 ¾. Find out about all 50 or try one of our top ten next time you're here.