How are you helping us?

Every time you visit, join, donate or volunteer with us you're helping us carry out our work as a conservation charity. Here are some of the projects you're helping to support at Lanhydrock today.

Cleaning the chandelier at Lanhydrock, Cornwall

Lanhydrock in winter

We're busy behind the scenes at Lanhydrock house with deep cleaning and conservation of the collections. The house re-opens on 1 March when everything's in tip-top condition. In the meantime, why not see what the estate team is up to?

Gatehouse, garden and house at Lanhydrock

400 years of hidden stories at Lanhydrock

A team of volunteers are working behind the scenes to reveal secrets from the history of Lanhydrock and its people. What are they doing and what might they discover?

A palmate newt in Lanhydrock's Victorian swimming pool

Looking after wildlife at Lanhydrock

There are hundreds of different creatures living in the 900 acres of land on the Lanhydrock estate. Find out about some of the rarest species here and how we're working to help them survive.

A member of teh conservation team adjusts the blinds at Lanhydrock house, Cornwall

Who turned out the light?

Is it just me or is it dark in here? Find out why we keep light levels low in the house as part of our conservation work to look after Lanhydrock and its collections to save the past for the future.