Join our friendly team of volunteers at Leith Hill Place

Leith Hill Place Volunteer

Are you looking for something exciting to do?

Want to get out and try something new? From getting more exercise in the garden to learning something new as a Welcome volunteer or even just meeting new people, there are plenty of reasons to volunteer with us. We are looking for people to join our team of maintenance helpers, bakers and front desk welcome guides who help to make our visitors feel welcome and inspired. We also have a new volunteer role of gallery volunteer to help with our art exhibition starting in May.

Volunteer with us

Our team helps us care for Leith Hill Place and to bring it to life for our visitors. Volunteering your time to help with this work is a great way to get involved, learn new skills and share existing ones while meeting other like-minded people.

" No day I’ve worked at Leith Hill Place has been the same, which is one of the joys. Sometimes I’m serving hot drinks in the kitchen, or welcoming visitors on the front desk, or taking people on an audio tour in the attic, sometimes all of these activities on the same day. There are also opportunities to help at the concerts (the wonderful music is a free bonus) or at another event, for example at a wreath-making workshop. Added to this, you get to know the other volunteers and enjoy the wonderful surroundings. My greatest pleasure is, I think, walking down the drive, admiring the view and then hearing live music as I enter the house. "
- Anne

Contact us

Volunteering can be an extremely rewarding experience, if you have questions regarding how you can get involved or what it entails feel free to contact us on 01306 711685 or email