Opening of Leith Hill Place to the public

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Sharing Leith Hill Place with the public has been a considerable undertaking and keeping it open is by no means a forgone conclusion. Find out how the Leith Hill Place project began, what we have achieved so far and how we hope to be able to continue to preserve this remarkable place for future generations.

Starting from scratch

We decided to open Leith Hill Place to the public in the summer of 2013 after the tenants, Hurtwood School, had vacated, and various other options had been considered and discounted. Rather than let it out again, we decided to allow visitors in to experience this special place, learn about its historical connections and enjoy one of the best views in Surrey. As home to one of England’s greatest composers we feel that it is vital that we look after it and share it with as many people as possible.

Opening the house

We currently have planning permission to open the house as a visitor attraction for a trial period of three years. During this time we are experimenting with various events and visitor enjoyment options and asking members of the public and stakeholders for their views. We are closely looking at visitor numbers and comments to gauge if this is a viable future for the house.

Patience with the project

In 2014 we extended the car park in the Rhododendron Wood to help cope with demand. We realise that there are many problems yet to be overcome, not least the state of repair, so we ask for your patience and your support as the project unfolds.

Winning in the kitchen

One of our biggest success stories has been the volunteer bakers in the kitchen who provide delicious teas for our visitors and are fast gaining a local reputation for quality and freshness. All our volunteers are welcoming and passionate about sharing their love of the house.

Help us to keep Leith Hill Place open

We welcome your feedback, so please visit and leave your comments on site or you can email us.