Scone Making Workshop

A volunteer bakes in the kitchen at Leith Hill Place, Dorking, Surrey

Have you ever wondered how our bakers' scones are so delicious? Book onto a workshop to learn the secrets for yourself.

During the workshop you'll get the chance to experiment with different ingredients, taste your first batch of scones and make some flavoured scones to take home. The tutor will explain some of the science behind the perfect scone and give hints and tips to ensure your success when baking at home. No experience necessary. During the workshop ingredients containing wheat flour and dairy will be used, so won't be suitable for those with severe allergies. Please bring a Tupperware box to take approx. 8 scones home with you.

Upcoming dates:

Tuesday 25 September, 10am-12:30pm

The workshop costs £20 per person. Please call 01306 711685 to book yourself a place.