Spanish Impressions and Landscapes piano concert at Leith Hill Place

MM4 Hands at Leith Hill Place

'Spanish Impressions and Landscapes' is the magical title for this exciting concert to be performed by talented Spanish duo, Marta Liébana and María Cano Blanco, at Leith Hill Place on the evening of Saturday, 12 September as part of their 2020 concert schedule.

On Saturday, 12 September at 6.00 pm Leith Hill Place are delighted to be hosting talented young Spanish piano duo, Marta Liébana and María Cano Blanco. Known professionally as MM4 Hands, this accomplished and engaging duo have won many prizes both nationally and internationally for their awe-inspiring music.

Having first met at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam under the tutelage of David Kuyken, they discovered they shared a deep connection and love of classical  music, becoming firm friends. As a duo, the most relevant performances took place at the Opera & Ballet in Amsterdam, at the Concertgebouw-Spiegelzaal and Kleine Zaal in Amsterdam, being broadcasted live by NPO Radio 4, and at Geelvinck Muziek Museum in Zutphen.

Both received endorsements from renowned international pianists Marta Gulyas, Elisabeth Leonskaja, Evgeni Koroliov, Alexander Kandelaki and Nino Kereselidze.

María Cano finished her thesis which is closely related to our program: A deep look into the characteristics of the Spanish folklore in the classical Spanish repertoire. Nowadays she is teaching and performing in Madrid.

Marta Liébana is a teacher at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam and the De Nederlandse Opera Academy (DNOA).

This year they will be touring many countries, including the Netherlands, UK and Arizona and Leith Hill Place looks forward to being part of their 2020 tour. To see an extract of their work, please click here.

Tickets to this performance cost £20. To book your tickets, please call 0344 249 1895 or follow this link