Summer adventures for families at Leith Hill Place

Leith Hill Place Family Picnic

Head to Leith Hill Place for action-packed days full of indoor and outdoor adventures and explorations.

Plan a day out at Leith Hill Place and the whole family will have a summer adventure - whatever the weather is doing, there is always something exciting to do.

Everyday activities

All through the summer holidays (Friday-Sunday) we have lots on for families. If it's sunny, the children can run around outside and explore our gardens, have a picnic, take part in a trail, have a game of croquet, inspect our flowers and look for Darwin's Wormstone.

If it's wet, don't despair - come inside where you can play our pianos, explore our children's activity room with musical instruments to play, insects to inspect, bark rubbing, puzzles to complete, pictures to colour, knots to create. We even have a trail inside for young children where they can search the house for the footprints of Coffee and Foxy, Ralph Vaughan Williams' two favourite pets.

Bring a picnic or enjoy a cream tea with freshly baked scones, cakes, tea, coffee and squash.