The Fired Earth and Sacred Wilderness: Exhibition at Leith Hill Place

In April 2019 we celebrated the beauty of the natural world surrounding Leith Hill Place with an art exhibition by Karen Pearson and Reiko Evans.

Throughout April Leith Hill Place hosted artists, Reiko Evans and Karen Pearson, who have been influenced by nature to create their unique collections.

Following  the threat of oil drilling in the area, these artists reflected on the landscape around them. This exhibition was a celebration of the preservation of the landscape, capturing its endless beauty.

The drawing room at Leith Hill Place was the focal point of the collection, where the art was part of visitors' exploration of the house.

Children were also able to get involved through artistic workshops under the guidance of either Reiko or Karen.

This exhibition and workshops ended on 28 April.


Meet the artists

Reiko Evans, moved to the Surrey Hills from Tokyo with her husband several years ago. The quiet, peaceful setting of Leith Hill quickly proved the ideal spot to set up a studio.

She has been making pottery for nearly 15 years, focusing on wheel-thrown pottery using porcelain, stoneware, and earthenware incorporating Japanese kimono themes and invoking memories of her childhood. Reiko is also producing new work which is pit-fired. The products of this new technique feel very organic and are beautifully waxed giving them a polished finish. Visit her website at:


Karen Pearson specialises in painting, sculpting, and drawing. She uses the richness and magic of the natural world to inspire her works and Leith Hill is a perfect place  for this.

Using changes of light and colour, and the richness of time and life, means she is able to capture the ever-changing nature of the world around us, adding new layers to each piece.

She is also a tutor for Art Safari, leading and teaching groups of artists on painting holidays in the UK and abroad. These trips are enriching on many levels, and the experiences, observations, and insight that she gets from them feed into her work. Visit her website at: