Autumn wildlife in and around Liverpool

Keep your eyes peeled for wildlife this autumn. From red squirrels to migratory birds, you never know what you might see in the woodland, on the riverbanks or along the coast in and around Liverpool.

 Red squirrel in a tree

Red squirrels  

Visit this autumn and you might be lucky enough to spot a rare red squirrel at Formby. The conifer woodlands here make a good habitat for the native reds as they like to feed on the seeds found in the pine cones. They're at their most active in autumn too, as they stock up on food ahead of winter.

Three barn swallows in a row on a barbed wire line.


Autumn is a good opportunity to spot the migratory birds, who've been visiting for the summer, before they head off for warmer weather. Look out for swallows and swifts tucking in to seeds and berries before they start their journey south. Resident birds, like robins and finches, will be stocking up on food ready for the winter too.

A close up picture of vivid yellow leaves in autumn

A riot of red and mellow yellows at Speke Hall

See Speke Hall bathed in a golden glow during autumn. The ancient oak and beech trees in the woodland are wreathed with red, russet and golden leaves, the grasses turn a yellow-brown as the colder weather sets in, the lime trees along the avenue turn vivid yellows and golds and even the skies get a yellow hue at dusk.

Redshank standing in shallow water

Coastal birds  

The mud and sand flats of the Mersey estuary provide a great feeding ground for thousands of birds. Redshanks, dunlins, curlews and many species of duck enjoy a good meal along the Garston Coastal Reserve, while cormorants especially like using the lighting gantry as a roosting area.