Autumn woodland walks in and around Oxfordshire

Autumn casts new light on familiar landscapes. When the trees start to blaze with orange, red and gold, a shady woodland walk is transformed into a dappled golden path, fluttering with falling leaves.

Everyone is welcome in the woods we look after. We want them to be loved, explored and enjoyed at Greys Court, Waddesdon, Stowe and West Oxfordshire. Last year we funded 38 different tree and woodland projects across the South East.

There are things we can all do to help look after woodlands, such as taking litter home, picking up after our dogs and not allowing them to chase wildlife or disturb nesting birds. Careful not to widen paths too, or wildflowers can't grow at the sunny edges if they're compacted by feet.

Visiting a woodland is great for both body and soul. An autumn woodland glowing with colour and rich with the smell of damp earth is a wonderful, uplifting place to be. Here are some great woodland walks near you.

Walkers at the Buscot and Coleshil Estates in Oxfordshire
Walking trail

Buscot and Coleshill 

Pull on your walking boots and spot the signs of autumn as you enjoy our circular walks in and around Coleshill.

Sunset around White Horse Hill
Walking trail

White Horse Hill to Ashdown 

Enjoy a walk across the ancient chalk downs of Oxfordshire and absorb the history found along this enigmatic stretch of the ancient Ridgeway, passing by the White Horse, Dragon Hill and Ashdown.

Child in autumn woodland

Six things to see on an autumn woodland walk 

An autumn woodland glowing with colour and rich with the smell of damp earth is a wonderful place to be. National Trust Ranger Chloe Bradbrooke suggests six mini wonders of nature to look out for on an autumn woodland walk.

Beautiful autumn colour in the woodlands

Greys Court 

Walk in the footsteps of the Brunner family with walks all around the estate at Greys Court. You'll discover plenty on foot.

A circular domed temple, has a collonade of surrounding pillars under a portico. You can see a flight of steps leading up to an open chamber. this is the Temple of Ancient Virtue at Stowe in Buckinghamshire.


Discover a kaleidoscope of colour on a variety of new walks that turn a spot light on the best of the autumn colour, recent restoration work and our signature walk - Under the Hawthorn to discover the pastoral idyll in the Grecian Valley. Top of your day with some soul-warming food in the cafe.

Diamond Jubilee Wood at Waddesdon Manor, a National Trust property in Buckinghamshire
Walking trail


Autumn is a great time at Waddesdon, as bronze and gold hues begin to show in the garden. After a long walk in the estate, there's nothing better than a long lunch in the restaurant or Stableyard cafe.