Explore places with First and Second World War history

‘My brother and I travelled from Australia to find out more about our parents who served with the RAF during WWII. We visited the RAF Defford Visitors Centre at Croome, and were delighted to see the wonderful work done to preserve this important piece of history,’ says David. 'Hopefully, our grandchildren will be able to make the same pilgrimage that we did.’

Lancaster bomber flies over the church at Croome

Croome, Worcestershire 

Croome played an important role during the Second World War with its top-secret airbase. Visit the base where they tested the latest Radar developments which helped to ensure victory in 1945. Or take a guided walk around the estate where secrets of the War are waiting to be told.

New display at Hughenden picturing the recreated Second World War mapmakers' desks

Hughenden, Buckinghamshire 

Hughenden was home to the top-secret Second World War map-making operation codenamed 'Hillside', where skilled cartographers drew the maps used for bombing missions. Visit the permanent exhibition opened this year, featuring original photographs, records and memories of those involved.

A coastal meadow with a row of old oak trees dips down to the Helford River

North Helford, Cornwall 

Follow the walk through Glendurgan Garden and out to the North Helford Coastline. See if you can spot the many wartime relics still there such as gun emplacements and pill boxes.

Bomb Ballistics on Orford Ness

Orford Ness, Suffolk 

Used for testing the vulnerability of aircraft and their components under enemy fire, Orford Ness is scattered with remnants of both World Wars. Pick up one of our kids’ quizzes when you buy your tickets to help them understand more about its history.

Visitors at Stackpole Quay, Pembrokeshire

Pembrokeshire Coast, Wales 

The Pembrokeshire Coast is littered with relics from both World Wars. Look out for submarine listening stations, small airfields and lookout stations.

Second World War concrete dragon's teeth defences at Studland Beach, Dorset

Studland Bay, Dorset 

Follow in the footsteps of World War II troops and see if you can spot the Fort Henry observation bunker and the hidden devices built to foil a German invasion.

The Officer’s quarters in Fan Bay Deep Shelter

White Cliffs of Dover, Kent 

Go beneath the White Cliffs of Dover at Fan Bay Shelter and discover the secret world of underground tunnels which were built to protect the gun battery.