Herefordshire's perfect picnic places

Herefordshire offers some great places to escape to this summer. From vast rolling countryside estates through to a woodland nook and cranny, we're sure to have somewhere that you'd want to spend lazy summer days.

A family having a picnic at Berrington

Enjoy a perfect picnic at Berrington 

Pack up your picnic basket and escape to Berrington Hall for a wonderful summer escape.

Play gaint jenga in the courtyard at Lower Brockhampton

Lots of fun over the school holidays at Brockhampton Estate 

The Brockhampton Estate is a great place for a summer picnic. The vast estate offers some truly great places to relax and just enjoy your surroundings.

A family eating a picnic in the sunshine at Croft Castle in Herefordshire

Enjoy a picnic at Croft Castle 

Pack your picnic and your rug, Croft Castle is the perfect place for lazy summer days.

Family picnicking with the ducks

Summer holiday activities  

Relax alongside the River Wye and enjoy the most idyllic picnic spot.