Houses waiting to be discovered

With hundreds of houses to explore with the National Trust, we've selected a few from the South West that you might not have been to before.

Standing Stones at Avebury


You can join in with the Avebury walking challenge through spring and summer, or enjoy storytelling, wild Wednesdays and archaeology afternoons.

Family walking in the garden at Snowshill Manor

Snowshill Manor and Garden 

Charles Wade's home is full or the intriguing and varied objects he collected. The atmospheric manor houses tiny toys to Samurai armour, musical instruments, fine clocks and all sort of other curious items.

Coleridge Cottage

Coleridge Cottage 

Romantic poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge wrote some of his best works in his time in this cottage. The cottage is as if the Coleridge's have just popped out, with quills for you to try and a relaxing reading room. Reopens 6 March.

Hardy's Cottage, the birthplace in 1840 of novelist and poet Thomas Hardy , at Higher Brockhampton, near Dorchester, Dorset

Hardy's Cottage 

This cottage is the birthplace of Thomas Hardy. Built by his grandfather the thatched cottage has been altered very little since the family left. Reopens 9 March.

View of Knightshayes house at dusk from the south gardens


The interior of Knightshayes is richly decorated, and full of quirks and curiosities. You can see gargoyles, corbels and a medieval inspired great hall.

Outside view of the house at Trelissick


Trelissick is not your normal country house experience. Instead it’s an unfinished and honest presentation of a house in transition. House open from 1 March.