Kitchen gardens in the Midlands

It's time for harvest in the kitchen gardens we care for. They're full of delicious fruits, vegetables and the all important pumpkins ready for Hallowe'en.

Calke Abbey, Midlands, Orangery and Kitchen Garden in summer

The kitchen garden and orangery at Calke Abbey 

Once a busy centre for growing fruit and vegetables for the family, the kitchen garden fell into decline after the Second World War. See how it's used today and find out more about the orangery.

Walled Kitchen Garden at Clumber Park

Walled kitchen garden at Clumber Park 

Take a walk through the historic Walled Kitchen Garden at Clumber Park this Summer. Admire the herbaceous borders and take in the scents of the soft fruits flourishing throughout.

Women working in the kitchen garden

Longshaw Kitchen Garden 

A sheltered haven, Longshaw kitchen garden is little known, much loved and great for butterflies and bees!

Packwood's Kitchen Garden in Autumn

A gentleman farmer's garden at Packwood House 

Discover more about the history of Packwood's beautiful kitchen garden.

House with row of planting and kitchen garden in foreground

Digging for Victory in Upton's Kitchen Garden 

Upton’s garden team have joined in the wartime spirit with dig for victory planting throughout the gardens. Potato Pete and Dr Carrot proclaimed the benefit and we shall plant them!