Our top spots for signs of spring

Say goodbye to winter and hello to the start of warmer days at one of the gardens, coastlines or areas of countryside we care for. From buzzing bees and gambolling lambs to the scents of spring blooms and wild garlic, here are some of our favourite ways of telling spring is on the way.

Children walking through a daffodil filled garden at a National Trust site

Places to see daffodils 

Daffodils are a classic sign of spring - their bright-coloured blooms are sure to lift your spirits. Have a look at our best places to catch them in flower.

A child taking a close look at the spring blossom

Smell the blossom 

Spring is the perfect time to walk among blossoming apple trees and see ornamental cherries in bloom. One of nature’s show-stoppers, blossom creates a magical effect as it falls like snow onto the ground.

Welsh mountain lambs exploring rocky terrain

Places you can see lambs 

Newborn lambs are one of the earliest signs of spring, emerging on unsteady legs at farms and in fields all across the country. Why not take a stroll through some of our places, and see if you can spot the new arrivals taking their first steps?

Wicken Fen - Male bearded tit with fledglings

Places you can hear birdsong 

The return of birdsong and the dawn chorus is a sure sign that spring is on the way. Take a trip to one of these places to hear the local songbird populations in full voice.

Bluebells at Winkworth Arboretum

Bluebell woods near you 

Bluebells are a celebrated sign of spring. Find out where you can spot bluebells at one of our woodlands, gardens or parks near you.

Honey bee feeding on nectar rich plant

Hear buzzing bees 

The variety of flowers on offer in spring is irresistible for bees, and they rely heavily on flower nectar in the early part of the season. Several of our places keep bees as they play a vital role in pollinating our beautiful garden flowers, fruit and vegetables. Read our list to find out where to see them.

Inside of the Orangery cafe at Ham House

Spring flavours in our cafés 

Spring has sprung, and our kitchen gardens are hard at work producing tasty fruit and veg for our cafes. Enjoy homemade 'plot to plate' soups and salads, and sweet treats made with ingredients from only metres away. This is eating local at its tastiest.

'Magnolia Campbelli' in full bloom, in the Walled Garden at Trengwainton Garden

Gardens with magnolias 

These star-shaped flowers herald the start of the spring season as they fill the air with colours from white to deepest purple, along with a gorgeous scent.

Three leverets (baby hares) in a flowerbed at Tyntesfield

Top spots to see hares 

Hares are usually shy and reclusive creatures, but during early spring you might sometimes spot them 'boxing' in open fields. We've rounded up some of our places where hares have made themselves at home, so if you visit at a quieter time of day you might be lucky enough to see this spring time spectacle.

Rooks flying above trees that contain rook nests

Look out for rooks 

One of the earliest and finest signs of spring is a rook with nest building material held in its beak. You can spot colonies of rooks – known as rookeries – in the tree tops across Britain, with eggs appearing around early March.

Path through the woodland garden at Newark Park, Gloucestershire

Forage for wild garlic 

Wild garlic is abundant in springtime and the leaves have a lovely mild flavour. Thanks to its very recognisable scent it's also quite easy to find, but we've created a list of our best places for wild garlic just to give you a head start.