Places to find conkers in the South West

Collecting conkers, hunting out the shiniest specimen and playing conkers are traditions of childhood that are too much fun to forget. Here are some of the best places to begin your search each autumn.

Sweet chestnut tree on Brownsea Island, Dorset

Brownsea Island

With Horse Chestnut trees dotted around the island, Brownsea is the perfect place for your conker competitions this autumn.

Dyrham Park pond is framed by oranges, reds and yellows in autumn

Autumn at Dyrham Park

Dyrham Park is transformed with each season. Autumn is filled with interest for nature lovers.

A boy climbing on a rope at Coleton Fishacre's wild play area

Fun for families this autumn at Coleton Fishacre

As the leaves turn on the trees and the conkers begin to fall there are lots of fun things for families to do at Coleton Fishacre, from den building to cooking on a campfire at half term.

Child with a handful of conkers at Castle Coole, County Fermanagh

Can you find a champion conker?

It's conker time at Killerton and the horse chestnuts are full of fun. Pick a conker and challenge someone to a game.

The 'Colours, Conkers and Collage' family learning weekend at Attingham Park

Who is the conker champion at Stourhead?

Just beyond the Temple of Flora is our favourite horse chestnut tree. Are you ready to find your conker and have a go at this old game?