Reasons to book a trip to England today

As the 'Beast from the East' leaves us, you may be craving your next holiday. Why wait for summer to take a long plane journey when there are 5-6 thousand attractions to visit in Britain right now? We've put together some of our favourite reasons to pack a bag and stay in England.

Walking in the rain at Killerton

The amazing weather

Long strolls in the sunshine, bracing winds through your hair, sunny one minute and pouring the next. Who can beat the Great British weather? Don't forget that sun tan lotion.

Ferns in Trengwainton Garden

Discover a tropical paradise

Right here in England. This photo was taken at Trengwainton Garden in Penzance, where plant hunters travelled all over the world to create this exotic garden.

Surfers chatting on their boards

Chat with the locals

Learn the language. Arrive 'dreckly' in Cornwall, find a ladybird or 'God's cow' in Devon, then 'g'woam' after visiting Somerset.

Car crossing the river

Going off the beaten track

It's part of the fun getting lost isn't it? A great bonding experience for all involved - or so we're told. Maybe don't always follow the satnav...

Visitor eating a cream tea

Sample the local delicacies

Scones, pasties, cider, Cheddar cheese, you've got to try them all surely. Treats that you will only find in the South West, but will you put the jam or cream on first?

Sunsets over Agglestone Rock, Studland Bay

Discover the tales of the land

Myths and legends cover the whole of Britain. Agglestone Rock, also known as the Devil's Anvil is said to be a rock thrown by the devil from The Needles on the Isle of Wight, intended to hit Corfe Castle, Bindon Abbey or Salisbury Castle.

Drinking tea with pet dog

You're never far away from a good cup of tea

And if all that's worn you out, at the end of it all, you're never far away from a decent cup of tea. You don't get that everywhere!

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