Spot some wildlife near you

There are plenty of places to see Devon and Exmoor's summer wildlife start to bloom. We've pulled together a list of great spots below.

High Brown Fritillary Heddon Valley

Butterfly conservation in Heddon Valley

Heddon Valley is home to one of the UK's rarest butterflies, the High Brown Fritillary. This is one of only four sites in the country where they thrive in good numbers, thanks to careful habitat maintenance by our rangers. Learn more about our butterfly conservation work.

A bat flying towards a branch

Lesser horseshoe bat facts

Arlington Court is home to a large colony of lesser horseshoe bats. Learn all about them here.

Collard Hill, Somerset

Collard Hill, in pursuit of the Large Blue

The Large Blue butterfly is flourishing here and even at busy weekends, you’ll find plenty of quiet spots in which you can get a good glimpse of them on this walk.

Red deer stags sparring during rutting season

Discover wildlife on the Holnicote Estate

See some of Exmoor's most well-known and iconic wildlife on the National Trust's Holnicote Estate.

Holnicote Ranger holding a sleeping dormouse

Healthy Hedgerows

Find out about the endangered dormouse, its habitat and discover who else shares its home.

killerton garden terrace devon border


Killerton is home to trees from all continents (except Antarctica) and many of them are at their most impressive in summer. There are different levels to explore in the garden, all hiding different secrets - can you find the bear's hut and the ice house?

Fyne Court is home to many species of fungi

Encouraging wildlife to flourish at Fyne Court

Fyne Court was given to us in 1967 and since 2009 we've taken the management back in hand. But we're not restoring the garden – it’s staying wild.

Brean Down goats on sea cliff edge

Wildlife on Brean Down

Explore Brean Down in Somerset and discover the flora and fauna on this fascinating peninsula.

A Daubenton's bat

Bats at Killerton

A team of expert volunteers are making exciting discoveries about the bats that live on the Killerton estate.

Butterfly in Ashclyst Forest, Killerton

Conservation at Killerton

Discover Killerton's wildlife and the conservation work happening on the estate.