Spring birds in the Midlands

As spring starts to burst into life so do the comings and goings of the birds who call the places in our care home (even if just for a few months). Some leave after their winter re-fuel while so many more return to breed and enjoy spring and summer with us.

A skylark in heather

Spring birds in the Midlands 

As spring comes around the places we care for come alive with the sounds of birdlife.

The Fieldfare, a winter migrant bird

Top ten places to see spring birds 

Join us as we enjoy the sights and sounds of springtime birdlife.

Song thrush

Bird spotter sheet 

We take special care to look after gardens, woodlands and moors to help birds thrive. Woodpeckers, skylarks, robins or wrens, which will you spot?

Blue tit on nest box

How to make your own bird box 

If you’d like to help the birds in your garden, why not build them a bird box they can call home?

Making food for birds
Cakes and bakes

Make a fat cake for birds 

Using kitchen scraps such as cheese and dry porridge oats, make a tasty fat cake to entice birds into your garden this winter and early spring.

Spring colour in the Midlands