Summer Fun in the Midlands

Here in the Midlands we're all set for the summer holidays, from crafts activities to our top playgrounds we've got something for all little adventurers.

Children, running, playing and enjoying the gardens at Wightwick Manor

Summer holiday fun in the Midlands 

Spend the summer making memories at places across the Midlands. No matter where you are, there's fun to be had over the summer.

Children climbing on a fallen log at Calke, Derbyshire

'50 things to do before you're 11¾' in the Midlands 

Children don't need much to prompt their imaginations to run wild, and that's exactly what our '50 things' aim to do. Look closer, explore further and get stuck in to make the most of your family days out.

Enjoying a picnic

Perfect picnic spots in the Midlands 

We love eating in the landscaped parklands of Croome in Worcestershire, or by the lake at Clumber Park in Nottinghamshire. Get your hamper together and choose one of these spots.

Butterfly on the Verbena Parterre

Midlands wildlife spotter guides 

Download these free wildlife spotter sheets to see what butterflies and birds you can see in your gardens this spring and later in the year dragonflies & damselflies too.

Painted Lady butterfly

Butterfly conservation in the Midlands 

How do we keep track of our butterflies at our places? Learn about the importance of butterfly surveying and the steps we take to make sure we continue to see our colourful friends return summer after summer.

A girl enjoys the gardens in summer

Ideas for the family 

Looking for more ideas of what to do with the family this summer? From our top recipes to bake with the kids at home, to nature activities that can be enjoyed in our garden to yours. Why not see what takes your fancy?