Summer walks in Devon

Coastal views, hidden waterfalls, peaceful woodland and tranquil valleys await you this summer in Devon.

plains walk cover devon killerton dog

Plains Walk

This dog-friendly walk takes you through one of Killerton's hidden secrets, an enclosed, far-reaching expanse of grassland.

View of the parkland at Arlington Court, North Devon

Loxhore Cott and Webber's Wood walk at Arlington Court

Explore ancient woodland and parts of the area designated a wildlife reserve by the Court's former owner, Miss Rosalie Chichester.

Discover the jagged rocks at Bolt Head

Bolt Head walk

Discover the dramatic coast around Salcombe, walking from East Soar before ending this beautiful walk at Bolt Head on the Salcombe Estuary.

Plymbridge Woods, Devon

Woodland wander

Enjoy an easy meander alongside the River Plym through ancient woodland.

High Brown Fritillary in the sun on a plant

Heddon Valley butterfly walk

A short but challenging walk along the highest and most spectacular sea cliffs in England - it's a must-do for butterfly lovers and photographers.