The most Instagram-worthy parts of the Tin Coast

The Tin Coast provides a dramatic setting for any photo. We've compiled a list of some of recent Instagram photos, that show just how Instagrammable this special place is. We're always looking for more, so do share yours, #tincoast.

The Crowns Engine Houses at Botallack

Perched on the edge of the cliffs

They're two of the most photographed buildings in Cornwall, and make for an iconic Cornish snap. Thanks to @smartsmcrae_crae for this atmospheric picture of the Crowns engine houses at Botallack.

Archway at Botallack

Archways and frames

Industrial ruins frame the landscape and photographs on the Tin Coast. @jacky_cullinan used this archway at Botallack to give a great frame for the blue sea.

Cape Cornwall

The end of the land

Once thought to be the most westerly point in England, you really do feel like you're at the end of the land at Cape Cornwall. You can get great shots from the summit, or venture round the coast path to get a better view of the cape like @elinexplores did in this beautiful photo.


Stepping on planet Mars

You could be forgiven for thinking this photo was taken standing on the edge of Mars. It is actually at Levant, where the ground there has gone this wonderful shade of reddy-orange. Thanks @imogenall for capturing this out-of-this-world photo!

Levant Mine in black and white

Black and white images

The ruined mine buildings cast brilliant shadows and provide a moody setting for black and white images. They also remind us of archival images of the mine. This photo was taken at Levant Mine by @russelldlight.

Tilly the spaniel on the Tin Coast

Four-legged friends

The Tin Coast has lots of great walks to explore, and many people love to take their furry best friends with them! It's the perfect opportunity to (safely) get dramatic photos of adventurous dogs. We love this photo of Tilly, and her bandana makes it all the cuter! Thanks @josh_wrightfergyfan.

Jumping in the pool at Priest's Cove

Your adventures

There's lots of exploring to do on the Tin Coast, perfect for getting that impressive photo for your followers. This is a great one of @freddieeddieholmes discovering the man-made pool down at Priest's Cove. We're sure he had quite a shock when he landed in the cold water, but it makes for a great picture!