Top 50 things activities for explorers

If you love the outside then we have brilliant '50 things to do before you're 11¾' activities for you that will keep you discovering plenty of new things. From helping a plant to grow, to rock climbing or cooking on a campfire - boredom is no longer an option.

Boy smiling as he holds up a carrot covered in dirt

No.41 plant it, grow it, eat it

There's nothing like the taste of food that you've grown yourself, so whatever you choose to grow, you'll need to look after it, water it and feed it until it's ready to eat. Strawberries are one of the easiest (and tastiest) things to grow we can think of, but what will you choose?

Hunting for clues

Discover wild animal clues 

There are different things that you can look for when on the trail of an animal or bird. Keep an eye out for footprints, feathers, fur and poo and you might find something sooner than you think.

Camping outdoors can be really fun, especially in your back garden where you can get closer to nature just outside your door.

No. 3 camp outdoors

Your back garden can become a place for a wild adventure when you pitch a tent and keep an eye out for animals. The best thing about camping in your back garden is that you can be surrounded by nature whenever you like. Fall asleep to the tune of bats and owls as they go about their night activities. Sleep under the stars and try and spot a constellation.

Boy kicking and splashing while laying in the sea

No. 42 go swimming in the sea

Is there anything more refreshing than the big blue sea? We look after lots of brilliant beaches all around the UK coastline, so you're sure to find somewhere perfect for a splash.

Two birds on a bird feeder

No. 44 watch a bird

Watch birds fly, sing, chat to each other and eat their food by finding somewhere quiet to sit, watch and wait. Just make sure you don't frighten them off, birds get spooked pretty easily. See how many you can spot – maybe you could create a birdspotting diary that you update with the time of day and where you spotted the bird in your garden. You could be surprised by how many types of birds come to visit.

Group climbing up a rock near sea

No.46 try rock climbing

You might need to join a class or find someone qualified in rock climbing or an expert to help you have your first couple of goes at rock climbing, but it's an amazing experience that seems like a different world.

Girls holding a map and compass atop a hill

No.45 find your way with a map and compass

If you learn to use and map and compass you'll never get lost again! This is a pretty handy skill as well as a cool activity to do, so grab a map and a compass and get navigating.

People sat around a campfire with glow of fire on their faces

No.47 cook on a campfire

Cooking on a campfire is a great survival skill to have and it's fun as well. You can start with toasting marshmallows and build up to jacket potatoes in the embers, or things in pots. Soon you'll be rustling up a feast.

Two little girls splashing in puddle with parents in background

No. 6 Go welly wandering 

When it's pouring with rain, what could be better than chucking on your wellies and waterproofs and zooming around in the puddles, soaking up all the watery fun?

Four canoes sailing down the river Tern full of people having a great time

No.50 canoe down a river

Canoeing down a river is the final of the 50 things challenges and you'll learn lots of new skills doing it. You'll probably need to join a class or go to an event, but the feeling of being out on the water is totally worth it.