What is '50 things' indoors?

There are 13 places taking part in '50 things' indoors and you'll need to visit more than one place to complete them all. Simply pick up a leaflet when you arrive at your first place and then collect the stickers every time you complete a task on your visits. Below are the various tasks that you need to complete - everything from looking, listening, smelling and even tasting to talking and thinking together

Winchester City Mill Milling, National Trust, Hampshire, Milling

'50 things' indoors: Use your senses 

Can you smell some food cooking? See wheat grains milled into flour or play a musical instrument? Use your senses to tick off these 11 activities

A young girl and her mother look into a mirror

'50 things' indoors: Get to know 

Find the strangest object in the collection. Find out how the house was and is cleaned. Or discover the story behind a person in a portrait. These seven tasks will help you get to know the history and the people.

Coming face to face with thousands of years of history

'50 things' indoors: Learn a new skill 

Learn how to fold a napkin, do a jigsaw or hold a weapon used in battle. These nine tasks will help you master a new skill.

Child on oak stairs at Gunby

'50 things' indoors: Count something 

Can you see how many creatures you can spot in the house? Or find out how many steps are on the staircase? These four tasks will help you test your counting skills.

A young girl in a brightly coloured dress is looking up the chimney, Thorington Hall

'50 things' indoors: Spot something 

Keep your wits about you and see what you can find – a mystery object, a hidden story or a miniature painting? These 13 activities will help you discover the secrets of the house.

Little boy trying on a straw boater hat at Tredegar House, Newport

'50 things' indoors: Think and do 

You could plan a house you'd like to live in, discover a coat of arms or look for an old fashioned phone. The final six tasks will make you think and then put your thoughts into action or do something.