A good night's sleep at Little Moreton Hall

Lavender in a wooden bowl

In August we welcome The Tudor Group to Little Moreton Hall as we explore the sights, sounds and smells of a Tudor bedtime at this free evening event.

As part of our ongoing How We Used to Sleep project, the group will be spending the night with us at Little Moreton Hall, playing the role of the Moreton family, their servants and workers as they make their preparations for bed.

The evening will touch on various aspects of our sleep project including bedtime routines, sleeping habits, the benefits of sleep and the links the Tudors made between sleep, digestion and health – all based on the fascinating research of Dr Sasha Handley from the University of Manchester. It's a wonderful opportunity to see the hall brought to life in the evening and give you a taste of what the it might have been like 450 years ago. So whether you want to learn more about historical sleep, pick up some sleep tips or just enjoy the spectacle of seeing one of the best costumed groups around, come and join us for a rare opportunity to see the hall at night.  Plus it's free!

Our Little Tea Room and shop will be open during the evening and, if the weather is nice, why not bring along a picnic to enjoy in the garden too.. 

Find out more about The Tudor Group here https://www.tudorgroup.co.uk/index.html

Visit the How We Used To Sleep project website to find out more http://www.historiesofsleep.com/