Discover the Scent Tent and Trail

Crushing herbs at Little Moreton Hall

Uncover the smells of Tudor England with our interactive Scent Tent and our 'You Smell!' trail throughout the Hall.

Visit our Scent Tent and discover the significance and meaning of smell in Tudor England. Visitors can leave details of their own ‘scent memories,’ the smells that provoke a strong reaction and take you back to a particular moment in time, event, person or place. Write about your scent memories, smell modern nostalgic scents in the tent and create a mind map of your particular favourite or memorable scents using a pegboard and wool thread. 

Learn more about the four humours and how your humoral make up dictated the foods you could and couldn’t eat. You may be surprised to learn that the food smells that are often caught up in nostalgic memories of the past are actually at odds with what they should be eating following Tudor health advice.

Once you've discovered more about scents and their significance to the Tudors, make sure to pick up a copy of our You Smell! Trail from the Welcome Team and follow the clues around the Hall to smell some scents that would have been here in Tudor times.