Holiday Fun

Each week is themed around a different aspect of everyday life. You can join the hall’s Tudor gentlemen and gentlewomen busily carrying out chores, preparing for special occasions or making the most of their leisure moments.

We are also celebrating  Lammas ,  a festival connected to the first harvest of the year,  you can plait a celebration Lammas Loaf, winnow corn or prepare the straw, rushes and herbs which was strewn across the floor of the Great Hall.
This is followed by a different activity each week including;  textiles; felt making, spinning, weaving, the use of herbs for personal hygiene and cleaning clothes, the preparation of herbal medicine and Tudor make-up and a week of Tudor games, including archery and nine men’s morris. 
Join us and find out more about the day-to-day life of the Tudors with our weekly themes you can see the domestic details close- up and join in with them.  Why not come back each week  during the holidays there will always be something different to see and do.
As well as activities we have Guided Tours and trials for children of all ages and of course Snugbury ice-cream....