Learning at Little Moreton Hall

School group doing an activity

School visits for KS2 enable an understanding of the Moreton family, the period in which the hall was built and what life may have been like 500 years ago.

Pupils will practise key skills of observation, discussion, teamwork and analysis to explore the 16th century and develop an understanding of:

  • How a Tudor family would have lived in Little Moreton Hall in the 1560s
  • How their lives differed from the lives of children today
  • How the Moreton family compare to others in Tudor society

Souvenir bags

If you'd prefer not to visit the shop during the day, why not consider a souvenir bag instead? We can put together bags to suit any budget and have them ready to pick up.

Pocket money gifts

A visit to the shop could be part of your day. The shop offers a range of items suitable for children:

  • Postcards and sticker books
  • Games
  • Playing cards
  • Toys

Fancy taking a Tudor board game home? Choose from Nine Mens Morris, Fox and Geese, and Alquerque.

We also stock lucets for making cord. Why not make your own shoelaces or bag cords?

Our programme

The core programme includes a tour of the ground floor and long gallery within the hall with the choice of one of the following options to complete the day.

  • Tudor Clothing
  • Herbs & Spices

Prices and membership

  • Fee per group - £150
  • No additional fee for educational group members
  • Additional fee per pupil for non-members - £5.65
  • Additional fee per adult for non-members - £11.30
  • Maximum of 35 pupils with supervising adults. Adult to pupil ratio - 1:8
  • Educational group membership: you can join at the property on the day of your visit - please pay by cash or cheque.

Find out more on educational group membership here.

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