Midsummer celebrations

Parade with Piva

Join us for our Midsummer celebrations on Saturday 17 June and Sunday 18 June.

Midsummer in Tudor times was a mix of celebrations honouring the Celtic Beltain festival and the Christian St John’s night. It also marks the summer solstice and really was the middle of summer which started on May Day and finished with the first harvest at the beginning of August.
It was a time for celebration in the Tudor calendar.  People living in the hall would have planted their crops and would be looking forward to the harvest season. It was traditional to decorate your house, and in particular the front door, with garlands and wreaths whose circular form suggested both the sun and the cyclical nature of the seasons. As part of midsummer we will be decorating the hall with our own handmade wreaths, garlands and paper flowers.
There will be lots to enjoy including hobby horse racing, parades with giant puppets and popular musicians Piva will be playing historical instruments including shawms, crumhorns, rauschpfeifen and bagpipes.  While you are here explore this wonderful old house and hear the fascinating story of this iconic building and the Moreton family on one of our very popular guided tours.