Spring in the garden

View of the moat with sheep in Spring

With warmer weather on its way the garden at Little Moreton Hall wakes up for another season.

 Walking around the outside path which looks across moat and onto fields there are signs of spring all around, from the sheep playing on the adjacent fields to the Primroses distinctive butter yellow flowers bobbing in the wind.

Though the garden is small there is plenty to see at this time of year. The emblem of spring, the snowdrop, can be seen throughout the garden as well as daffodils and the beautifully under-rated Spring pea, a relation to the popular Sweet pea with its own unique charm. Many of the perennials are poking their heads above ground by now giving promise to flowers and interesting foliage for the summer months.

 You will notice there are many old and native plants around the garden which complement the age of the building and can be appreciated for their subtle beauty, why not ask one of the garden team about the history of some of the plants growing as Little Moreton and find out how the Tudors may have utilized them – from cooking to hygiene and medicine the majority of the plants in the garden have a use.

The gardeners will be busy at work in the spring months, preparing beds for new planting, sowing seeds and coppicing wood to make structures.