Everyday Tudor Life

Courtyard looking down from Long Gallery

Imagine how the Tudors lived with a Hall that looks and feels the same as it was 500 years ago.

Now is a perfect time to visit the Hall and find out about aspects of Tudor life. Our Tudor gentlefolk will demonstrate everyday activities and our Tour Gudes will tell you more.   Most days we have activities which change with different seasonal themes  including weaving, wall painting, exploring herbs & spices and food & drink. We also carry out domestic tasks at weekends including making the bed and laying the table.

Upstairs in the South Chamber we continue to explore the lime ash floor as we know we will need to replace part or all of it but before we do we need to check the wood supports underneath.  There are now have some lovely holes in the floor which are surprisingly deep, it's not often you get a chance to see under our lime ash floors so come and take a look. All part of our ongoing conservation of this amazing building.

As you walk around,  imagine what everyday life would have been like and talk to our Guides to find out more.