Lodge Park Bridgeman walk

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When Lodge Park is open to the public you can explore the grounds of Lodge Park and the wider parkland, designed by Charles Bridgeman in the 18th century. There are great views of the River Leach.

Lodge Park and Sherborne Estate, Gloucestershire


Map route for Lodge Park Bridgeman walk


Lodge Park, grid ref: SP146123


Start at Lodge Park and walk towards the 19th-century fountain. This was built for Emily Theresa Sherborne when the Lodge was converted to her dower house. You're standing on the 17th-century deer racing course that stretched for one mile (1.6km) towards the A40.

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Walk to the car park, enter the woodland at the far corner of the car park. Follow the woodland walk, keeping to the left when the path splits into two.

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When you leave the woodland, turn left towards the Lodge. Approach the building from the right. On the far right by the wall is a pet cemetery; this was probably first created by Joan, wife of Charles Dutton, and 7th Lord Sherborne, who loved animals. In it there's a memorial to Betty Hall, their housekeeper.


Continue to the right, past the pet graveyard, along the iron fence, towards the parkland at the back of the Lodge. Leave the field via the wooden gate. The Deer Park is historically very significant. Sir John Dutton, the 2nd Baronet, commissioned Charles Bridgeman to redesign the Deer Park in the 1720s. Bridgeman was the leading landscaper of the day.

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When you enter the pasture, turn right; continue along the fence to the far corner of the woodland. When you reach the end of the woodland, turn left into the field and walk west, towards the Long Barrow. This burial mound dates back to the Stone Age.


Keep walking past the Long Barrow, until you reach the edge of the hill. From here you can see the River Leach. Turn left and walk along the top of the hill.


Keep walking past an avenue of young lime trees on your left. When you reach a second avenue of trees, turn left and follow the middle trees uphill, back towards the Lodge. Notice the buildings in front of you: an old coach house and further to the right, a slaughter house. Any dead or wounded deer would have been brought here for preparation of the venison.


Now go back in through the gates towards the Lodge.


Lodge Park, grid ref: SP146123

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Lodge Park Bridgeman walk


The route crosses a mixed terrain of grass, fields and woodland. It's a mainly flat walk, with the option to descend down a steep hill to the river in the parkland. Dogs are welcome on a lead, but please check with staff at Lodge Park that there are no cattle in the wider parkland before entering the fields.

Lodge Park Bridgeman walk

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Lodge Park Bridgeman walk

How to get here

Lodge Park, Aldsworth, nr Cheltenham GL54 3PP
By train

Cheltenham or Kemble, 20 miles

By road

Approach from A40, 3 miles (4.8km) east of Northleach, turn right, follow the land for 1 mile (1.6km) , Lodge Park will appear on your right.

Lodge Park Bridgeman walk

Facilities and access

  • This walk is only available when Lodge Park is open
  • Free parking at Lodge Park (only available when the property is open)
  • There is a small shop at Lodge Park, selling light refreshments and plants (only available when the property is open)
  • Dogs under close control welcome across Sherborne Park Estate, but guide dogs only please at Lodge Park
  • WC at Lodge Park (only available when the property is open)