Summer picnics at Longshaw

women and children sitting on fallen tree eating picnic

Pick up some delicious sandwiches and a slice of cake from our tea-room, or bring your own food and find a quiet spot at Longshaw to enjoy your meal in peace and quiet.

Our visitor welcome volunteer Frances recommends some lovely spots to have a picnic:

If you’ve got a massive hamper that’s too heavy to carry far, why not simply wander down from Woodcroft car park and spread out in the meadow on the right, just below the bottom of the car park.  There’s an array of boulders that double up as natural tables and plenty of space to spread your picnic blankets out and make an occasion of it.

There’s space on the grass outside the tea-room to enjoy your picnic and perhaps top it up with a proper coffee or slice of fresh cake?

A short walk from the tea-room, (about 500 metres) following the pink waymarkers, you’ll arrive at the pond.  There are plenty of places to perch, and on the way you can delight in the boggart trail, Longshaw’s natural play trail.  

Longshaw pond
couple standing at edge of pond blue sky

Want a longer walk?  Carry on following the pink arrows and you’ll get to Padley Gorge, a popular spot where you can usually find a couple of ice cream vans.  If you carry on across Burbage Brook and follow the pink arrows upstream, you’ll find some lovely spots to stop and eat.  Look out for a large, flat boulder about half way up.

Cooling off in Burbage Brook
two girls sitting on rock in stream

For a stunning view with a short walk, wander up Back Drive (the path between Longshaw and Wooden Pole Car Park) and sit on one of the benches along the drive, or take the short steep steps up to Duke’s Seat, where you’ll find rocks to sit on. If you bring a kite, you're sure to find a breeze to fly it on.

Come fly a kite at Longshaw
boy in shorts flying blue kite over heather blue sky