Explore hay meadows at Longshaw

Six spot burnett moth on meadow scabious

Did you know that Longshaw has rich hay meadows to explore which are at their best in June and July?

We surveyed the hay meadow next to Longshaw car park last summer and found 45 species of herbs and grasses, as well as frogs, lizards, bees and butterflies. This year we'll mow a path through the meadow so you can wander around and see how many species you can find. 

Look out for beautiful water avens, colourful meadow vetchling and birdsfoot trefoil (known as eggs and bacon). Pick up a free ID sheet from the shed to help you.

You can explore a haymeadow right next to the main car park.
chalk board haymeadow sign, grasses and grassy path

National Haymeadow Day is on 1st July, when we'll be joined in the main car park by the Bee Conservation Trust, to celebrate the healthy haymeadows at Longshaw and to discover what you can do to help protect bees.

And don't miss Grouse Inn Fields, which have been managed by the Longshaw rangers over the last 20 years using traditional haymaking techniques.  This work has restored the meadows to their colourful glory. 

You could spot marsh orchid, common twayblade, milkwort and moonwort.  You might be lucky enough to see a chimneysweep moth or a six-spot burnett. 

The Longshaw haymeadows are carefully looked after by rangers and farmers.
yellow buttercups, pink clover and grasses

To find Grouse Inn Fields follow directions to Hay Wood car park, (110/119: SK255777) just down the hill from the Grouse Inn.  The fields are between the car park and the pub so follow the footpath into the fields. Alternatively you can take a longer walk from the Longshaw cafe along the main drive to the Calver road and turn right, walking downhill to the Grouse Inn.