Tucker's Pool

Beautiful blue-green water in the sunshine

Tucker's Pool is a less well known part of the gorge, being off the main route it can be quieter, a place to sit awhile and take in the peaceful natural surroundings.

If you divert from the main gorge route after viewing the spectacle of the roaring Devil's Cauldron, you can escape to a more tranquil section of the river Lyd. Follow the signs to Tucker's pool and the path will take you upstream under the road bridge. The atmosphere brightens and the sound of the water becomes softer. Tucker's pool is at the end of the path, the deep water changes colour with the changing weather, however more than being a pool the reason behind the name is unknown.

Take the time to find this secret spot and if you’re patient you may see the brown trout swimming against the current or catch a fleeting glimpse of a kingfisher patrolling its territory. Buzzards soar high above the gorge and you might just hear their plaintive mewing call.