Walking at the gorge this winter

Wintry days, frosty mornings and the River Lyd running through the gorge make an invigorating place to stretch your legs.

You can choose the short and steep route or the long and easy path. Either route will take you to the base of the waterfall.  You will probably hear it before you see it as it roars and crashes down the side of the gorge.  At times after heavy rainfall the force of the water can create its own breeze. 
The route can be muddy so foot wear that has a good tread and is watertight is essential.
Alongside the annual maintenance work this winter the bridge at the base of the waterfall will be replaced. This doesn’t happen very often and since Victorian times when the waterfall became a popular place to visit, there has been at least one bridge at the base of the waterfall for visitors to explore the gorge further upstream. This new bridge will be constructed using oak and stainless steel.
The work is expected to take around 6 to 8 weeks if the weather is good. Vertical Technology who previously have carried out rock face inspections and associated work in the gorge will be taking the existing bridge down, except the bottom lintels before building the new bridge in-situ. Due to the steep terrain of the gorge the only option is to build the bridge on site.