Vicary Gibbs sensory area at Lyme Park

Close up on a pair of bare feet stretched out on the grass

We've opened an exciting new sensory play area for pre-school children in the Vicary Gibbs garden here at Lyme Park.

It's a wonderfully fun and stimulating activity area for younger children, all within a beautiful area of the garden which is accessible to families with pushchairs.

Get in touch with nature

The play area includes a barefoot walk and toddler-sized feely boxes to introduce little ones to the feel and texture of different natural materials. There are a series of stepping logs, wind chimes and a herb garden to indulge all the senses.

The sensory play area has huge trees that are calling out to be climbed so there's fun in the garden for children of all ages.

Be creative

Bring out your children’s inner creative and use the natural craft materials provided to create and construct wild art pictures and mini-hedgehog dens.

Vicary Gibbs

The Vicary Gibbs garden was created by the 2nd Lord and Lady Newton and was named after their friend. Gibbs was a respected judge and politician.