Planning your adventures at Lyme

Children playing at Lyme Park

Take the time to create lasting memories and your own adventures in the great outdoors at Lyme. Read on for further information of how to get the best out of your day with us.

Planning ahead

Over the busy periods we will do our very best to ensure that every visitor has a great time, come rain or shine, so please don't be shy about coming even if the skies are grey.

We are aware that there can be congestion and queues when we are very busy, we are working on solutions to alleviate these issues but please bear with us. There are plenty of different ways of getting to Lyme such as the train to Disley station, the 199 bus, cycle, scooter, skateboard, spacehopper etc.

The Park and Ride in Hazel Grove (close to The Rising Sun) is a free car park. Currently you can park here and use the High Peak 199 bus, which runs every 30mins. You can then transfer to the Lyme shuttle service from the admissions kiosk. The train station is also within walking distance. 

At the moment we're trying to gather as much information as possible of how our visitors get to Lyme so that we can help to improve everyone's experience. If you have the time please take our quick survey, many thanks in advance.

Get around Lyme on two wheels
Cycling at Lyme, Cheshire
Get around Lyme on two wheels

If walking into Lyme we run a free shuttle bus service from The Admissions Hut to the House, just ask our wonderful team to radio for the driver. Please always be respectful of the local residents and businesses.

We are thrilled that Lyme is becoming such a popular place so if you would like to get your day started quicker please have your NT members card ready to be scanned or if paying please bring the correct change for your particular vehicle - £8 for car admission, motorbike £4, minibus £12 and coach £25.

A delicate balance

Receiving feedback is a really important part of improving visitor's enjoyment of Lyme and we have listened and understood queries and concerns with regards to car parking traffic.

Here at Lyme we are incredibly aware of this issue and it is something that we are currently working on, namely acess to the site. The popularity of Lyme has increased considerably over the last few years and some of the facilities and infrastructure just haven't kept pace. For this reason we are undertaking a large scale masterplanning process where every element of the site is being looked at to make it fit for purpose and fit for the future. Due to the given location of Lyme in a protected National Park and its listed status it is a long process. Our sensitive historical environment means that we are limited when it comes to our car parking facilities and as a conservation charity we are ever aware of our environmental impact as a visitor attraction, we therefore encourage visitors to use public transport or car pooling where possible.

However, we are aware of the need for an immdeiate fix and there are plans afoot to ease the queues during busy periods such as bank holidays and summer.

We're hoping that visitors will see some changes in the not too distant future, but in the meantime rest assured that we are taking action and developing different strategies to help improve everyone's experience at Lyme.




Where to begin?

Upon arrival in the main car park you can head to The Information Centre where our lovely team can help you plan your day or you can also sign up for membership here. You will then need to follow the pathway up to the North Front of Lyme Hall or you can have a free lift up on our shuttle bus or buggy. When you have made it to the North Front, please then go to the Ticket Office to have your NT member's cards scanned or to pay for house or garden entry. The gardens are located behind the house and you will find the entrance of the house in the Palladian Courtyard just up the stone stairwell and through the large double wooden doors to be greeted by our wonderful house volunteers. For those less abled there are access points available through the Rose Gardens (in the Orangery Yard) to then gain access through the Stag Parlour into the house - please just ask one of our team members to assist you.

The entrance to the House through The Courtyard
The entrance to the House through The Courtyard
The entrance to the House through The Courtyard

Let the adventure continue...

With the energy you have left, there is always Crow Wood Playscape to venture over to, where you can swing, climb, slide and play until your heart's content! Don't forget to have a wander through Crow Wood to see if you can spot our new wood sculptures - The Guardian of Crow Wood The Wise Green Man and a beautiful bench featuring a Lyme Mastiff, these were carefully crafted by Andy Burgess who is a local Wood Sculptor. To see more of his work please visit his website

As you explore Crow Wood you will also find our new willow arch tunnel, see how fast you can run through and then test your agility on the log balancing beams - discover hidden talents that you didn't even know you had!

Vehicle admission applies, NT members park free.

Family visitors have tonnes of other activities to keep them occupied at Lyme, '50 Things to do before you're 11 3/4' booklets and activities, garden games, children's garden trail, a new house trail focussing on Thomas Legh and his adventures, billiards and toys in the house.


Keeping watch over Crow Wood
Keeping watch over Crow Wood
Keeping watch over Crow Wood

Regency, fancy that!

If dressing up and playing a different character for the day is your calling card, then our Dressing Room in the house has got you covered. When our beautiful house is open (Friday - Tuesday) our lovely volunteers in the Dressing Room will help you transform into the finest Regency attire from 11am - 3:30pm. Come rain or shine you can discover the wonders and secrets of our beloved Lyme Hall and it's gardens.

House ticket required for Dressing Room, NT members free.

Family dressed in Regency finery, having a splendid time!
Family dressed in Regency finery, having a splendid time!
Family dressed in Regency finery, having a splendid time!

Back to nature

To simply find your own slice of peace and tranquility at Lyme, you can explore all the different walks that our 1400 acres has to offer. If you're unsure of where to start, head to The Information Centre down in the main car park and pick up a map and set off on a quest of discovery. Lyme has an abundance of wildlife - what creatures, insects and people will you see on your travels!

Pack a picnic and relax in some of Lyme's beauty spots that boast stunning views, a true feast for the eyes. We can recommend Paddock Cottage, Lantern Wood, Darcy's Pond and Cage Hill for wonderful and unforgettable views - don't forget your camera!

Speaking of Cage Hill, look for the flag over alternate weekends to signify when our famous folly on the hill will be open: 1pm -4pm, free entry to The Cage, vehicle admission applies, NT members park free. Please note that The Cage has a very narrow spiral staircase which effects the number of people we can have in at a time, so bear with us and we will get you in to The Cage as soon as we can! The Cage opening is subject to volunteer availability.

The walk to the Cage offers fantastic views on a clear day
A view of the Cage at sunset at Lyme, Cheshire
The walk to the Cage offers fantastic views on a clear day

We would finally like to take this opportunity to thank all of our truly superb visitors, staff and volunteers for their continued support and hard work - many hands make Lyme work. We wish you all a relaxing and peaceful trip!