Lytes Cary Hallowe'en Pumpkin Trail

Hallowe'en at Lytes Cary Manor

Enter the spooky woods at Lytes Cary, but be prepared things could turn a little scary. You must be brave, strong and ready to test your limits, as lurking in the trees are witches, ghosts, and evil spirits. Make sure you are going in the right direction, to find each pumpkin and answer the question.

Henry Lyte published a Herbal book in 1578. The book contained descriptions of plants, fruits and vegetables and how they can be used as medicines. A pumpkin was said to have many magical healing powers.  
To celebrate this, Lytes Cary will go pumpkin mad this Hallowe'en. The Pumpkin Hallowe'en trail will run from 26 to 30 October. 
If you follow the Hallowe'en trail through the spooky woods you will find the hidden pumpkins.  
If you make it back before the sky turns black and the ghosts make their attack, homemade pumpkin soup will be available in the tea room to help you warm up.