The winter months at Lytes Cary Manor

 View through the gate to the Apostle Garden

Lytes Cary Manor and Garden is now closed for the season until 3 March 2018. The estate is still open between dawn and dusk.

Lytes Cary Manor is a busy place to be, especially in the garden as each season brings its own interesting challenges and surprises. Although Lytes Cary is closed for the winter it does not mean the work has stopped, but rather the garden team are busier than ever. As a Grade II listed garden the Trust has a duty to care for it as if it were a similarly listed building. Imagine the turf being the carpet and the beautifully clipped hedgerows its walls. With the doors closed for the season the team are able to reinvigorate the garden and restore it to the beauty and wonder that the Jenner family envisaged.

The National Trust is a dedicated independent conservation charity and it is our first responsibility to look after our properties funded through memberships, donations, legacies and commercial operations. Through your passionate support, we have this exciting opportunity to examine a truly amazing garden and safeguard it for future generations of visitors.