Spring Wildlife at Lyveden

Moorhen nest

As the winter fades away, the residents of Lyveden come to life. Take a stroll around the grounds and keep your eyes peeled for creatures big and small.

Around the woods see if you can spot some of our furry friends as young rabbits and squirrels begin to emerge from their winter lairs.

Keep your eyes peeled for small creatures as tadpoles, caterpillars and insect larvae start to appear in and around the moat.

What will you find lurking in the moat?
What will you find lurking in the moat?

Spring signals the return of the swallows. The swallows, which have nested at Lyveden every year above the entrance to our toilets, return around mid-April. Get a close up view of the nest and keep track of their progress with our 'swallow-cam' in the Family Den.

Listen out for the skylarks as they build their nests in the fields surrounding Lyveden and cuckoos in the woodlands. You might even see a moorhen nest amongst the vegetation of the moat.