Take a behind the scenes look at Lyveden Reconnected

View of Lyveden Manor from the driveway

During Spring 2019 we invited our visitors to a behind the scenes experience of Lyveden Manor and help us to shape its future. The Trust acquired the manor back in 2013, and we've been working on plans to open up the building to the public ever since.

Through the Lyveden Reconnected project, we’re incorporating the historic building and surrounding grounds into the future experience of the site, and we wanted to involve our visitors in deciding how to use the brand new spaces within the Manor.

Peeking through the trees
View of Lyveden Manor from the main track
Peeking through the trees

What did this look like?

Lyveden is the enduring realisation of one man’s belief and commitment against the odds in Elizabethan England. Rocked by dramatic changes in English society and threatened by persecution for persisting in his personal belief, Sir Thomas designed his symbolic landscape and garden lodge to stand in testament of his faith. Inside the Manor visitors had the chance to learn more about Sir Thomas’ life and explore the experiences that drove him to create Lyveden, before embarking on a journey through the gardens to the lodge. We tested out some new story-telling and interpretation techniques, as well as exploring new ways to enable visitors to express their own responses, questions and beliefs and share with others.

We were very excited to host a photography exhibition in partnership with Magnum. The exhibition featured three stories of religious persecution in the modern world; specifically Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar, Yazidis in Iraq and Coptic Christians in Egypt. Told through the photographers lens, the subject matter of the exhibition was challenging but allowed us to consider the political and religious intolerance of Tresham’s life by looking at stories of the world today.

Journey through the gardens to the lodge
Spiral mount and lodge at Lyveden
Journey through the gardens to the lodge

When can I visit?

The Manor is now closed while we undertake construction work. Keep an eye out on for more information about opening in Spring 2020.

Will there be facilities at the Manor?

As part of the project there will be new visitor facilities at the Manor, including a new cafe, toilets and a car park.


Sunny days at Lyveden Manor
Peeking at Lyveden Manor through the trees
Sunny days at Lyveden Manor